Salton City, California

I signed up for $80 a month for 150 gigs, now changed to 80 a month for 20 gigs? or 100 a month for 150 gigs again.

so okay I go through 20 gigs in a couple days on netflix. but my bill is $131? that is outrageous! Where does the extra 31 dollars come from?

I am not allowed to have a phone line or cable line where I rent, so I am stuck with these price gauging prices.

I hate you exede, your internet speed is no where like what you said it would be either! So slow!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of exede freedom plan. Exede needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Hello, I'd like to look into this situation for you to see how I can help. I am part of a small team at Viasat working to resolve customer issues.

Please send your account and contact information to, and I will get on it.

Please reference this post within your email.

Thank you for posting.

to Exede.Lindsey #1046596

It happened to me too . I canceled the service & canceled my credit card .

Why I do that ?

because they lied about every thing , all they want is to take more of your money . Stay away from this EXEDE , please !

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