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1) The September, 2012 WB/Exede installation at my home was flawed. Five times the amount of monthly download we ever used during 2+ years with HughesNet was clocked by WB/Exede within the first ten days of our installation. WB/Exede did not respond with a service call for the modem that was sending/receiving 24/7 WITH NO COMPUTERS CONNECTED.

2) Within four weeks of installation I had our attorney write a notice of breech of contract to WB/Exede for not being able to deliver the contracted service while I pulled the plug on the modem and disconnected the WB/Exede equipment. WB/Exede didn't respond but did attempt for three months to continue to make EFT efforts for varying amounts. My bank reversed every WB/Exede attempt to take money upon my affidavit that the transactions were unauthorized.

3) In February, 2013 WB/Exede finally answered a phone call to their Customer Service and they acknowledged a termination of the Agreement was in order. Of the various excuses used by WB/Exede was that the letter from my Attorney (sent to the address specified in the WB/Exede Agreement) was received by the wrong department.

4) They sent a "call tag" and box for the return of their modem and TRIA, UPS recorded the delivery to WB/Exede of the returned equipment.

5) Almost three weeks after UPS delivered the returned equipment WB/Exede is now attempting an EFT for the value of the equipment. A call to WB/Exede was ultimately disconnected on their end following my recitation of the UPS Proof of Delivery information.

It is my experience that parts of the Wild Blue/Exede business model are to use deception, claims of ignorance to facts and also the practice of creating varying EFT amounts in order to access an bank account.

The little bit of use I had of the WB/Exede service seemed much improved over the prior service I had from HughesNet. Too bad that WB/Exede simply exercise such poor customer service and deceptive billing practices.

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Wow! I just realized when you said that about the lights for receiving and sending data on the modem blinking even when all devices are shut off or unplugged.

And I have seriously wondered how we always meet our data allotment so quickly.

I could assume that has something to do with it... I probably could add that to my pissedconsumer review.

to mrallen2 Clarksville, Virginia, United States #805401

The modem needs to keep a link through the satellite to your gateway. You will see the lights blink periodically even with your PC and wireless off.

This is a normal hey I'm here this is who I am and standing by and ready communications, which DOES NOT use any data.

to ExedeEliteDealer Twin Lake, Michigan, United States #805428

I don't want to discourage good installations and technical follow-up. My experience with Exede resulted in neither taking place.

Five times the typical monthly data use in ten days was the fact as soon as Exede was installed. I can also report that over the year and a half since removing Exede the monthly data use has returned to what it averaged for more than 2 years before the Exede installation disaster.

I understand a process that keeps signaling a presence that does not send and receive data. That's all good and necessary.

The installation done here was flawed and caused a continuous flow of send and receive of messages.

Not a periodic "blink" but an obvious continuous flow of data inquiry and response.

That Exede struck a contractual stand that "they can do no wrong" and that you "get what you get" and pay for it is simply customer abuse.

Unless the local Dealers now have the knowledge and authority to correct flawed installations directly, Exede deserves negative reviews such as mine.

to Jschlich Clarksville, Virginia, United States #805436

I agree with you, we need to fix the attitude and empower a select team to handle situations like yours. As a member on the Dealer Advisory Council, I will be making recommendations to do just that.

Unfortunately there are marketing companies out there that mislead either by ignorance or on purpose and do not always do the right thing. Also, we need to fix the attitudes of some of the agents or get rid of them, they do not represent the majority.

As an Elite Exede Dealer and a member of the Dealer Advisory Council, I know personally the Executives of the Exede Team. I have spent a lot of time with them over the last 2 years and they are down to earth people and genuinely care about their product.

Unlike other companies I have dealt with, I can reach out to them at any time with a suggestion or a problem. That is why this council was formed, to make things better and to fix things like this that are broken.

Again, on behalf of all the LOCAL Exede Dealers, I am sorry for all you went through.

Davenport, Iowa, United States #622016

Jschlich, I am very sorry to hear about your experiences. I would like to help.

If you will, please email me at with your name, phone number and the best time to contact you. I'd like to reach out and help resolve your concerns and issues, thank you.

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