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For the first 30 days of my service the bandwidth was great, the promise of up to 12mb was actually happening. But tonight and for the past 2 months by ping is averaging 890, my DL is average of 1.60mbps and my UL is averaging .71 mbps...... I have called and called and been sent to service techs and it seems that my "beam" has high traffic and is causing up to 53% lack in internet speed and they apologize... it seems some *** salesman went gung ho and signed up everyone and their neighbor for the internet and now everyone has slow internet speed because there are too many people on the "beam". Screw the beam, I am paying $80 a month for fast internet, I am not paying for internet pages to load for 3 minutes... My internet is realistically worth about $20... Exceed if your reading this, then this is for you. Whoever is the manager,exec,pres,ceo, I dedicate this upcoming rant to you. Your shortsighted business plan for internet service is laughable, I firmly believe you intentionally committed fraud by signing up way too many customers in an absolute hellish contract. I am going dedicate my life, my money, my being and make it my goal, my next achievement, my hobby, to take each and every one of your customers with a better internet service and sue the pants off you. AT&T just got sued for 100 mil, I cant wait to see your name in the morning paper, I shall scan every single letter in your fine print contract, to find the perfect string that lets me sue you. Let me describe myself to you, I am very well off, my circle of friends consists of lawyers and attorneys, extending from Florida, New York and California. I have poor friends, I have rich friends, and I have millionaire friends.

How will you know when you have met me? When my people say serve you the subpoena, I will be the guy sitting across from you in court wearing a Brioni blue pin stripe suit with a lighter blue Ermenegildo Zegna neck tie that has those dark blue stripes, with a baby blue shirt and my neatly shined brown Prada Shoes. After shaking your filthy hand from the long awaited introduction, I'll take my satin Nordstrom pocket square and wipe my hand off in a attempt to cleanse myself on lower IQ contact. Once my symphony of destruction has finished and you are leaving the sentencing and you feel the cold metal cuffs send chills through your arms, you will see me, leaving, smiling as I dispose of the pocket square in a nearby trash can. Afterwards I will drive my Bentley home to invest my time in other endeavors.

Everyone always says "one day you will *** off the wrong person" I am coming, you have been warned.... Sincerely

The Wrong Person

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of internet speed and associated monetary loss in the amount of $80. Exede needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Hello Anonymous, I am part of a small team at ViaSat working to resolve customer issues.I'd like to look into this situation for you to see how we can help.

Please send your information to exedelistens@viasat.com and I will see what I can do.Thank you for posting.

to Anonymous #998699

Let me make this simple for you, Exceed internet, Viasat, Wildblue or whatever it is called, absolutely blows.Your internet is terrible, your customer service is unprofessional, everything single thread of your company is wretched.

It was not like that at first, but recently it is awful. I have already made it clear that I am coming for you and the entire demise of exceed internet company will be my trophy. I await the day we meet in court, and please, please, please pass this onto your superior, and him his superior, and so forth till it reaches the very top. My heart is actually beating faster, I am more aware, I am actually excited about my new project.

I was very bored and was looking for my next hobby, thank you very much exceed,viasat, and wildblue for giving me this opportunity to demonstrate what money, will, and pure genius can accomplish in a very timely scale.

See you soon


The Wrong Person

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