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Did you find a class action suit against exede. My phone quit two days after they put it in. My internet used all the 12 gb of data in 2 days and I wasn't even on it, except for 1.0 hrs. I went back to time warner cable, and now excede wants to charge me 360.00 dollars for an early termination fee. I am not going to pay for something that barely worked for a few hours. So if you have found a class action Lawsuit against exede. I'm in. Email me please at -




Reason of review: Very Bad Quality and Service.

I didn't like: Quality.

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Just got billed $1264.20 for service that was not able to use they switch my account from residential and had me with 2 accounts sent the first to a collection agency because was unable to bill me when the account should have been deactivated in September. Even though they said my satellite needed to be redirected still came up with $1260.20 bill and they called me to say the satellite needed to be redirected.

Scheduled an appointment no show. I called back still took a week for someone to come out and I get billed for $1264.20. Have now filed with FCC, CFPB and State Attorney's Office. Someone needs to do something.

Requested the company come and remove satellite form our home asap. Unplugged the router the day I got the bill.


I signed up for Internet in November but the signal was so bad I called the company to cancelled and was told that they will send a box to return the equipment.. I even said i wont be getting charge will i?

The representative said no..iI only had tbe service for 3 days. Today I was charged $411. Called the company up and was told that they cannot refund me because I signed a 2 year contract with them. They are very shady.

If there's a class action suit im in.. Delgado227@aol.com


Guys, yall should go on the attirney generals consumer affairs website and follow instructions from there. It will tell u any lawsuits I do believe against yhe company.

Also file a compaint thru them with any conversations as well as emails or anything else.

Exede is such a shotty company they dont want anyone actually looking into their shotty practice. When the attorney general contacts them they'll agree to waive early termination fee and resolve the problem.


Count me in. Installed Tuesday.

It’s Sunday. Still doesn’t work. They refuse to send someone to repair it. All attempts to get this situation fixed have been ignored.

They refuse to fix it.

And they’ve refused to let me out of my 2 year contract. It’s time for a class action lawsuit.


I definitely will sign my name to a class action lawsuit. I have a tremendous amount of documentation against Exede/Viasat/Wildblue. They are the worst communication company around, employees aren’t any better


I want in too. I'll post my note in about a day or to.

Been with wildblue for over 7 years which has been good until I had a problem with equipment. They refuse to fix the issue. Yall gonna love my notes. They charged me for 2 months with no service.

I'm done. Gave them every opportunity to fix the issue been calling them since may 4, 2018 and refuse to help.


Exede is not what the representative said it would be would like to be in with law suit


I would like to join the class action lawsuit.


I’ve been calling for 4 months for technical support and told every time that it’s a weather outage and I have to call back. They need a class action suit and I will be happy to contribute


I signed up with Viasat for just the internet and they turned around and signed me up for DISH and voice service. I called they day before told them I didn’t want it, just internet.

The day of installation, told BOTH technicians that came out, several times, I didn’t want anything except the internet, they turned around and installed it anyway.

I called that day, to tell them I didn’t want DISH or voice service, and called again a week later, to file a complaint and to get the voice service taken off. Got told today there was nothing I could do about any of the stuff I was illegally signed up.

to Aubie001 #1443868

I called a lawyer about them. They have 2 standing complaints with attorney general.

Go to attorney general in your states website.

Go to consumer affairs. Takes a few mins but enough complaints to them is the only way to get them whr it hurts


Can I join the party too. So tired of this junk service or lack of it.


I am so angry I could bite a ten penny nail in two. Installed last Thurs and a week later I lost all ability to manage my own website, tv, phone.

If you have found a class action suit let me know. I too am in!


Class action lawsuit, I'm in too. worst company ever.

cheating customers out of data never used. ripoff company. return equipment in 30 days or pay 300 plus dollars or if you are old and disabled like me , they will send someone over to get a piece of equipment off the roof for a small fee of 95 dollars. don't know yet but I will bet I will have to pay return postage on the equipment too.

Mad as ***. run from EXEDE...

to barbara #1433598

Get firm with them! It is their equipment.

You do NOT have to pay for them to service their equipment. I go thru that service fee stuff every time I call for a repair and they cave.

to barbara #1443865

Go to va attorney general's consumer report! It takes a few mins to fill every thing out but best way to get to them. That's what my lawyer told me and everyone I contact go do


unplug the lan cable from the back of the modem right before a fresh data reset and duering late nite free zone if possible, leave it unplugged for as long as possable (longer the better) go to public wifi and log in to myexede.net/dashboard with your cellphone and if you have consumed data then congrats it is not a problem on your end. there is your proof. document,document then document some more.

Ennice, North Carolina, United States #1304416

basically the same here.( about the satellite internet company EXEDE.)

the meter cranks up its speed whenever they want it to go faster and you burn up a months worth of even the lowest of low def data in about 2 - 5 days.

beyond that i also noticed the meter is running while you sleep when the system isnt even plugged in.and if the wind blows.....dont even get me started.

bill grant in ennice,N.C.


Did you find one yet I need to get on one if you found one


How can my data (15GB) get used up in a week and they can't give me details other than it is an iTunes software update? An update only uses up approximately 800 MB!

This is the biggest scam!!

If I ask ATT for a detailed copy of my charges, I would receive it. But these idiots think it is acceptable to tell us that we cannot get that information!

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