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We are told that they are currently experiencing high volume on the satellite which is resulting in poor speeds... Bottom line, it doesn't matter what the time of day, the download speeds are ALWAYS low. Today, we called to cancel again... walked through the same process and said enough was enough. 2 weeks of this run around was all we needed to confirm that this would never work. Although we were told that we would only be charged the...
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Last July I signed up for satellite internet with Exede Internet because they offered a trial plan with a 150gb data allowance for just under $70 a month and a two year contract. The trial period lasted for six months. At the end of the six months they informed me that the plan I was on was no longer available and my plan would change to a measly 20gb a month at the same cost. What a coincidence! The day my trial period ended was the day that...
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I didn't like
  • Do not care about their customers