Ripley, Ohio

Update by user Dec 12, 2014

Got they evolution plan. I can now say I like exede, one of the big reasons I do now is because of the new DAP.

You can download files at a slow rate, better than being completely cut off! I recommend the evolution plan from exede!

Original review posted by user Jun 11, 2014

So here it is 1am, I'm still up watching netflix, while also downloading app updates, computer updates, and downloading iTunes music. I wake up the next morning and here my usage went from 9.2GB to 2.1GB.

Called exede, they said that I can't do anything about it and yo deal with it until my next bill cycle. I have already used my one-time account GB credit so I will have *** speeds till July 8th. Exede, you need to put a thing on your usage meter to tell us exede customers when our free zone is active and when it's not active. I don't like wondering if I'm on the free zone or not, I want to know for sure.

No worries because in about two years once google has launched their 180 low orbit satellites for UNLIMITED satellite internet, I'll jump on that in a second. UNLIMITED ALL THE TIME!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! Exede I hope that google causes exede to go out of business because you guys deserve to, ripping people off as longas you could find an excuse for it.

$90 prorated charges if I wanted exede evolution, pff... what a joke!

Monetary Loss: $1440.

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Sanford, Maine, United States #1228526

cable internet is better

Louisa, Virginia, United States #941796

Exede has put me thru total ***. Please Share this Show Everyone What The Satellite Internet Provider Viasat & Exede are putting there customers thru total ***.



Too many problems with Exede . Call your local BBB !

to Anonymous Laurelville, Ohio, United States #922301

The issue has been resolved, I will not report exede as I am not mad at them and am enjoying having them as my ISP.

to aspiller98 Marshalltown, Iowa, United States #1093645

Good, hopefully you were able to download a grammar and spelling update, as it was sorely needed... I suggest you also stream a personality upgrade, and find a free web crawler that will lead you to sites where your whining is more focussed and productive, because THIS is just a mess!

to Anonymous Marshalltown, Iowa, United States #1093658

BBB has been absolutely pointless since the late 90s... Only busybody old ladies bother with the BBB, which is now a for profit agency that (like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others) makes it's money by encouraging an idle angry public to complain so that it can sell the businesses ways to make certain all those bad "reviews" are are either deleted or buried behind pages of glowing ones...

It's amazing how the unaware STILL see them as some sort of influential and imposing, super-powered private consumer advocate group LMAO...


Oh, yeah !!!!!!!!

My little story is, that their agent in N/E Oklahoma, signed me up

for 25 Megabits !!!!!!!!

That lasted for one day. ONE LOUSY DAY.

Then, KA-BOOM. Down to less than ONE.

Their little agent in Northeast Oklahoma, conveniently " forgot ".... to tell me anything about their " cap".

THEN...... THREE MONTHS LATER.......... They have some jerky outfit in Massachusetts send me a $ 700.00 dollar bill for 24 hours service. I WILL NEVER PAY.

EVER. RUN, RUN, RUN !!!!!!!!



Well, FREE zones do not exist. If they do, I have never had the pleasure of using it.

My band width is gone every time we have a sever thunderstorm, and I pay $9.99 and get the gig to hold us over. Nothing downloads during the FREE zone time, and we are in South Carolina, but the I.P. says Colorado. ?

GO figure, time zone moves so we do not get a FREE zone.

It's a joke.




I'm sorry that you were having issues with your Late Night Free Zone. If you notice that your data is being used during the Late Night Free Zone, please contact our Technical Support Department immediately.

I believe I have reached out to you before regarding another issue on one of our forums.

You can contact me there or send an email to and I will be happy to look into this issue and get this taken care of for you. Thanks.


to ExedeCrystal Louisa, Virginia, United States #941797

Please Share this Show Everyone What The Satellite Internet Provider Viasat & Exede has put me thru they are putting there customers thru total ***. STAND UP DONT LET COMPANIES LIKE EXEDE & VIASAT SCREW PEOPLE PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK!



Let me take a look at your account and view your data usage. If your data was counted towards the LNFZ, we can definitely get that fixed.

Please send me an email to, with your contact information and the best time to reach you. I look forward to hearing from you.



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