Exede Liberty Internet Plan Reviews

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Advertised vs Delivered
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
I am a new customer, I have been with Exede for a very short time now. Not even a month to be exact. My experience has not been so good either, I just want to say I honestly do not know how this company is in business, It is beyond me. & It's like a new problem with this provider daily. I am on the Liberty 12 plan my priority data is supposed to be 12.0 GB a month. I was not informed I would be billed this month than I got a call saying my...
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I didn't like
  • Poor customer service
  • Slow as dial up after gigs are gone
  • Poor speed
I changed from Classic to Liberty 3 weeks ago. This speed issue began last week. Support says there is no congestion causing the slow speed. Once the modem had errors the support corrected that. Slow speed is consistent. I have received various information from Exede reps and each one says the other one was incorrect in their information. No one seems to know what is causing my speed issue. One rep said it as a software issue when...
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I liked
  • Classic service
I didn't like
  • False avertising
  • Liberty pass satellite service
Because we have little choice in rural areas Exede talks the big talk to get you to sign and then provides little or no service. The data usage doesn't seem accurate to me. You start off with priority data and then when your usage is up, in my case it was 30GB which is gone halfway thru the month, how is unknown since we don't watch anything online anymore because of the slow service. Then a Liberty plan kicks in which has a reduction of...
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I didn't like
  • Product quality
  • Customer service sucks
  • Misleading information prior to installation
I left DSL and went to EXEDE and it was the worst thing I have ever done. I use this mainly for school and by the 15th of the month, the 10GB is gone and they switch me over to liberty pass which doesn't work pass 4 in the afternoon. Meaning they told me it will be slow speed, but my internet tells me no connection available. When I call, I'm told I need to buy more data. I asked to speak to supervisor and they told me they will call me back...
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Anonymous I am also angry with Exede, due to an extended outage for which they can't even give me an estimate of when it will be back.
However, I cannot understand why anyone who can...

I didn't like
  • No management
  • Horrible service
  • Are financial rapists