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When I first had exede and when i went over my data allowance, on my slowed speeds (400kbps) I could still do pandora (requires 64kbps min.), magicjack (requires 200kbps min.), youtube 140p (380kbps min.), along with itunes downloads, and file downloads, sure they took maybe 10 minutes but they did download and I was happy. Well that all changed two months ago, all of those services that I use stopped working when I was slowed and I didn't understand why because I was getting the same speeds I had 2 months ago.

I called and called and called exede, they "didn't know" what was wrong. So today I decided to run a port blocking test while on the phone with exede, the rep said exede doesn't block ports... that's not what the test said! I told her that all the tests failed and said that exede blocks ports.

So I was put on hold while she looked into it, when she cam back on she said, "Our system is dynamic and we can sometimes block ports on slowed speed only and sometimes we won't." OK so first of all why sometimes!? Second of all, I'm already slowed to complete ***! Why block ports along with that!? I've had it with exede, all they do is lie lie lie!!!

I have told countless people not to get exede, I've spread it all over social networking. Guys we need to show people what exede is really like! How much they suck and how much they lie! I'm going to add screenshots of what pandora and youtube do, pandora doesn't even load the login screen, it'll eventually say that the server wasn't found.

Eventually youtube will say an error occurred.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Bloomington, Indiana, United States #1284040

I have to comment here as well. I am genuinely dissatisfied with Exede.

I've only had them a few months and wish I could cancel without incurring hundreds of dollars in early cancellation fees. Initially, when we passed our data limit, we were throttled down but it was understandable and bearable. I could still watch youtube at the lowest settings even if it had to buffer a bit, no problem. Now I've noticed that they are filtering websites.

If I want to log into steam to play a single player game, it won't connect. YouTube videos won't load and if they actually do, the speed is so low it would have to buffer an hour to watch a 15 minute video. Out connection drops frequently thoughout the day. Other, more longstanding problems included losing internet if there was even a light rain (and being in north Florida, rain is a fact of life).

I checked into Hughes and they have better, more reasonably priced plans but if you exceed the data limit you keep your speeds but they filter you as well (so no youtube, etc.).

I feel deceived by Exede. Sure I was told I would be throttled down but there was never a mention of having sites blocked all together.

Fayetteville, Tennessee, United States #1279420

Yep they are blocking sites now. I used to visit these sites even after my limit was reached, sure they were slow but not blocked. Is hughes any better?


I have had this service for many years with NO issues NOW they are blocking and they have blocked my email (AOL) ,news,YouTube and others as well When I asked I was told it was on my end Port blocking test done and guess what ?? They are blocking No explanation at all NO mention of anything

Springfield, Ohio, United States #992748

They're now blocking Facebook

Kelso, Washington, United States #924747

Why is it that when we buy extra gigs, we can still only get the slowed down speed? We called the consumer service department and were told that once our limit was reached, we would only get the slowed down speed regardless of whether we paid or not.

How is this fair? Why would anyone pay extra for nothing?

to Don Laurelville, Ohio, United States #924752

That's not right... email exede directly at exedelistens@viasat.com

to aspiller98 #924913

I did send an e-mail several days ago, but so far no response.

Honey Grove, Texas, United States #918394

I like exede. Yes, they slow your internet when you go over your limit.

But hey, you went over your limit. Now your internet is slow, that's a consequence. I don't stream over exede, but they make it pretty clear that streaming takes a LOT of bandwidth. It's reliable, I live in a very rural area with a lot of strong weather.

My exede has only been dropped once, and that was during a tornado.

Instead of streaming video, I have my computer set to download during the free zone.

It works fine. I have zero complaints.

to 13nel #987619

I think the point of the complaint is that they pointlessly block access to websites.


I hate exede as well! The speed I'm supposed to get is way slower than I was told.

Why would I have to stay up till 5 am every night just to get on Facebook?

Even when it is unlimited they update it and I can't use it. I call in all the time and never get my problems fixed.

to Dillon #1092935

If you are up till five am ... It"s time to check into Facebook rehab.

Facebook Addicts Anonymous

1207 Gossipers Lane

Seattle ,WA 29876



It sounds like you may be having some technical issues with your equipment. I can review your modem status in the system to see if there are any technical errors.

Our technical support team will also be able to troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your service. You can send us an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your contact information and someone will assist you to help resolve your issues.

Knights Landing, California, United States #833662

I am now on my 4th reboot the modem in 3 hours you are blocking my posts because I'm speaking the truth. and don't give the generic Leave your email info I tried and nowhere do you let people leave that information. I've had this service for 23 days and I've had NOTHING but problems with it oh and so you know I'm coping this so I can just keep posting it to all social media sites



After you have reached your data cap, instead of cutting your services off altogether, we slow your speeds. When your speeds our slowed, some ports get blocked due to the slow speed.

If I'm correct, you have no problem utilizing the different sites when you are at regular speeds?

Port blocking also has to do with your router and the slower speeds. If you need further assistance, please send me an email to exedelistens@viasat.com, with your contact information and when you will be available for a phone call.



San Antonio, Texas, United States #827016

I have found exede to be over priced, is slow and during a rain is intermittent, more off than on and have terminated them.

San Francisco, California, United States #825046

I have a vacation rental and I just switched to exede. Just moved up to 15 gigs and am running out so I have to buy 25.

I have advised guests to limit video etc, but why should they? The fact is I will run out of data in a week even with the 25 gig upgrade. This ridiculous and I have been monitoring it every day and 4 gig were apparently used in 8 hours!!


I am so sorry I changed from Hughes. Wrecking my business in a busy summer season.

As I can see, I am not the only one!!

to anne Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States #831803


I can take a look at your account and let you know what the data is being used on. Please send me an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your contact information and the best time to reach you. I look forward to addressing your concerns.



to anne Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States #1092931

4 gigs in 8 hours is very possible. HD content streams at about 1gig per hour. I would suggest going with 50 mbps fiber.

to High Speed #1206624

1 hr HD is 3 GB

Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States #824195


I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your service and I can definitely understand your frustration with not being able to access the same websites as you were in the past when your speeds were slowed. I will be glad to address your concerns with our data allowance policy and the slowed speeds when you have met your data limit.

Please send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com and I will be happy to assist you. Thanks.


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