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I am an exede customer in California, in a rural location. Exede has been the worst experience i have ever had in life, trumping the DMV. My service was always intermittant and would never last for more than hour. I have compiled videos and data including speed readings from multiple bandwith trackers to prove my case to the police when exede tries to get money from me, which i know they will from conversations with theirtomer support. I have cancelled my service based on a breach of contract on their side, and they hang up on me evertime during the process of my cancelation. Im so used to them hanging up on me that it has now become a joke when i call them, and they lauph at it as well. It took me 5 calls to get a customer service operator to not hang up, and i asked what do i do with ur equipment? He put me on hold for 20 minutes and came back to tell me he was go8ng to send me a box. He took another 15 minutes to prcoss the return box.

I asked him what would have happened if i didnt keep calling to inquire about this, and he said " we would have charged u for the equipment and late fees..." i said wow that tremendously devious, g8ven how hard it was for me to get to this point" ... he agreed!

This is proof that exedes business model is fraudulent and is garanteed to misinform and mislead customers. I am someone who pays all fees regardless of reason. It doesnt change the course of my choices but exed was the worst experience i had with any kind of business in my whole life. 8 cant believe what they get away with, its scary really.

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Hello Customer,

These are not normal speeds. If you have not reached your data allowance, then we need to check your modem status.

Please send me an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your account and contact information.

Let's get your speed issue resolved. ExedeKarmin

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