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I had the SAME exact problem with the person who left the recent comment. We had our Satellite installed on a Monday and by Thursday we were calling customer service asking why our internet was slow and we were told that we had used up our plan..HAH!!

They are nothing but a joke and a sorry excuse for internet service...

And may I put it out there that DIRECT TV were the ones that offered this BS of a service to begin with... DO NOT USE EXEDE and from what I hear the other service that Direct TV may try to offer you is HughesNet, they are just as bad..

Product or Service Mentioned: Exede Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Cancel service without penalty.

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yes, exede is worse than the dial-up in the late 80's/early 90's.Better go without


i had nothing hooked up for a month and they said i used all my Gbs, they are a total rip off


Exede's "priority data" lasts maybe two days. The "Liberty Pass" is a joke.

Speeds are okay in the mornings and cripplingly slow everywhere else, and slow all day on weekends. When I contact Exede about this, they give me three choices.

Buy more priority data at insane prices, buy a "better" data plan that may last an extra two days, or a week if I want to reach for the most expensive plan, or they give me a bunch of suggestions for preserving my priority data that basically boil down to "don't use the internet". I would dump them, but the best alternative here is Verizon.


Exede screwed my wife and me.We signed up after they told us we could put the system on vacation hold for six months a year.We put the system on vacation hold and they charged us every month it was on hold.I called them and wanted to cancel my service, Excede was going to charge me for two years service.I am still thinking of canceling my service and not paying the existing time even thou they will send it to the collection agency. I am retired and don't use credit so screw EXEDE.


I purchased one gig extra data on Sunday January 21, 2018. That gig was $10.00.

The time was 1:08 p.m. The speed jumped to 9 mbps. I was happy with the speed. At 6:32 speed dropped to .02 Mbps.

Called Monday morning and Exede said the we had used the data completely. I told them the divorce proceedings would begin immediately.

I too used up 12 gig in three days.

Follansbee, WV


Currently have exede and I *** hate it. Used to have Spectrum and time Warner just for the Dodger games, and and when we switched to DirecTV and Exede, it sucks ***.

Highly not recommended. Looking for a different service.


i told them dial up was faster they said i assure you this is faster than dial up i asked you ever used dial up well no so how do you know your internet is faster and its not

Eustis, Florida, United States #1356965

Exede is the worst internet ever I'm better off just not having internet at all at this point.


I can drive 10 miles away to the nearest town and go to the library and get my information quicker than this *** exede internet can , cant wait till charter internet is offered to us . gonna call exede and tell them where they can stick this *** dish, exede you suck!!!!!!!

Lebanon, Tennessee, United States #1337133

exede internet sucks period!!!!!!!!


Exede wasn't helpful but the other comments here were. I will b dropping exede ASAP and they can take me to court for early cancellation fees because Exede didn't follow the contract.

So hopefully the judge will see all of the comments from other unhappy customers I print and take to court with me and will rule in my favor. There's not one satisfied customer on this wall.



I agree! Exede sucks.

They told us the same thing that we had used all of our data and that was two days after we paid the bill! Our router gets extremely hot and we were told that was normal.

I'm not a DirecTV tech or a tech period but I do know that electronics aren't supposed to burn Ur hand when U touch them. I can't wait for fiber optics to reach where I live and exede is out the door!

Leesburg, Florida, United States #1241276

This service sucks so bad I will pay to not have to deal with it anymore. The worst doesn't work and when it does it's slower then dial up.


I have emailed them three times in the past week to request a callback from their service department. I purchased the "Easycare" plan which means I'm supposed to hear back within 24 hours.

This is without a doubt the worst company of any kind I have ever had the misfortune of using.

And like others, I somehow use all of my 18mb data allowance in a day or two!


I hate Exede, $160 a month is ***. Please someone come up with a better alternative.


As an Exede customer, I can tell you that they do not perform anywhere near advertised. They have an "unlimited bandwidth" plan for past 0000pst, and half the time it drops connection for literally no reason, clear skies as far as the eyes can see. They're a rip off, DO NOT GET THEIR SERVICE.


I would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your concerns and issues with your internet service. I hope that you have not made the decision to cancel your service.

I would like to go over some data information with you and see what we can work out. Please send me an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your account and contact information.

I hope to hear from you. ExedeKarmin

to ExedeKarmin Oakwood, Texas, United States #1008813

Data plan...its not a cell phone. Stop charging us like it is.

Its not a matter of making sure others can have fast speeds.

Its a matter of being able to charge extra money once you use up your so called data plan. Cable internet has NO data plan...fast internet all the time, your just greedy and able to take advantage of people in rural areas.

to Satellite Internet Sux #1013058

Exede Sucks ***!! They are very greedy!

Cable internet rules!! Cable internet is much cheaper and alot faster.

No Caps Like Exede and other sat companys trying to make more money of costumers.

to ExedeKarmin #1135196

F*** YOU "ExedeKarmin"! your company has a well documented history of *** on your established customers!

You bastards LIED to me about a service call, your service looses connection every other day to the point where I have to reset the modem, and when a person calls customer service you give them the run-around!

You bastards have been *** me off so bad that if I knew how to go about doing it, I'd send an overload to your damned satellite to burn it out!

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