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I was so mad when writing this I meant 10 gigs not megs.

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Before even signing up I was first lied to by Direct TV. I was going to be switching from my price gouging cable and decided to use Direct TV at my residence.

I asked them about internet service as a package. I was asked a number of questions about what we use the internet for and how often. I explained that we do a high order of usage due to game systems, Youtube, Netflicks and such. (That's what happens with three teens in the house).

After being put on hold twice the "bundling specialist" told me the Excede would work. Due to their speed of 12 down and 3 up. Since they partnered with them they could order it and they sent me to Excede. I had absolutely no problems with either installation and the Directv service is great.

But... after installing the internet I found out that for some reason my internet became increasing slow around 9 that night. When I went to the website is how I found out it was metered! Only 10 megs REALLY!, No one during the process informed me that I was going to be held hostage to 10 megs per month.

What ever happened to full disclosure? Further more that I had to buy more at $10 a pop. Total sham! I went this route because my cable service provider was raising the rates on my 15 down speed internet and wanted to save some money.

HAHA right. I got hooked into this for the next two year unless I want to spend a chunk of money to get out. Also, who wants to stay up until after 12 midnight (it is actually 12:45 am before I get the "Freezone") to watch a Youtube video. I guess I should have stayed with what I had and paid the extra $20 a month for cable (Unmetered) internet.

Now the kids are pissed and worst of all Momma is pissed! No online entertainment for them. As far as the Directv the feature we liked the most was the VOD movies and tv shows. With Excede you can forget that program.

That's one of the things that burned through the megs the first day. To keep the peace in the family I may just have to *** the bullet and come up with the $$$$ to get out of this. Now this may be great for a single person who lives on top of a mountain with only one road in and out and just beyond two cans and a string I give you that. But in populated areas where technology is growing faster than weeds on steroids come on now!

All I want is my old life back as the saying goes. Don't let someone who works on commission direct (no pun intended) you unless you have researched it out COMPLETELY!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #775777

zztopmo, I can't say what I can or can't offer without first getting some account information to see what has or hasn't been done. What I can tell you is that my job is to resolve all issues that come across my desk, not "damage control" as you put it.

I check sites like this to find customers who may not have gotten the assistance they needed and offer my help. What I can promise you is that if you email me, you will get a resolution. That is my job, to resolve issues such as yours.

Now as to what exactly that resolution is, its difficult to say without first examining the entire issue. So please email me at, and I look forward to speaking with you.

to ExedeJosh #922972

Don't even bother to email these rip offs. They just have you do that to buy them more time and money from you.

They don't help!! You are right about the dance, however they are known to step on your toes and they don't embrace you during the dance either.


I meant gigs not megs.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #775401

zztopmo, I am so sorry to hear about the breakdown in communication while you were ordering our service. I would like to see what assistance I can offer you.

Please email me at with your name, telephone number, and the best time to call, and I will be happy to help.


to ExedeJosh Dexter, Missouri, United States #775638

Ok Josh before we start this dance a couple of things before send any emails. ( I want folks on here to know how it real your responses are to complaints) First- as posted I was never informed by anyone at all about data limits.

As listed by your company's standard BBB responses: "Customers are made aware of ViaSat's Data Allowance Policy at the time of sale. Our Data Allowance Policy is addressed on the first page of the Customer Agreement and it is also available at" NEVER HAPPENED! I was never given any kind of documentation nor was I directed to any websites. The only way I found anything was upon my own investigation of said website when my data bomb out on the first day.

Second- I would have never agreed to this type of internet solution due to knowing how much data is consumed by my household. Third- I am not interested in increasing my data amounts and spending more money. I was trying to save money by going through Directv. (I have already filed a complaint to them about their "bundling expert") Fourth- I am not interested in wasting my time or yours if this conversation is not going to result in me cancelling my service and not being charged any ridiculous termination fees, fines or whatever your company wants to call them.

As stated in my post if I were in an area that there was absolutely no other option Excede may work and only if it were me in the household. So in saying all of this and not wanting cookie cutter responses, is it really going to do either of us any good for you and I to have a conversation? I do not blame you for the misleading(or omitted)information that was given to me. I know your job is to watchdog these sites and do damage control.

But, what can you actually do besides talk about how to conserve data. If it is a good speech then maybe you can use it on my wife when she can't play her FB games due to overage of data. Or any of my teens who can't watch any online videos including VOD Directv or online gaming. Probably not a good idea!

:x All I want is to cancel and return hardly a week old equipment (yes I am a techie and know how to uninstall such things) without getting soaked from a financial standpoint. This service is ok but just not what I was told or led to believe and does not fit my families networking lifestyle. Now in saying all of that what can you do that would remedy this issue. If it is not in your power fine.

No harm no foul and I will pursue this issue on up the ladder until I feel my concerns are rectified. Your forthcoming and honest response will be anticipated and appreciated.

Have a nice day! 8)

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