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I've read some reviews but I have to face certain facts. There are only two choices for us folks down the dirt road, Hughesnet (which is now owned by DISH Network, and also goes by DISHnet) or Viasat's Exede Internet. Hughesnet and DISH customer service are run through India or Taiwan and boy do they lick a lollipop.

Exede has Americans doing the customer service, but they seem detached from the people who know what is going on, and they follow a "procedure" like the Indians. Seriously, Don't ask me about my router when there is one light blinking on the modem. It's the system, not the router.

That being said, I have had a drain on my data, but I found that *** "cloud services" and facebook items have been a cause of that. I turn them off and things seem better. I was told from my local dealer not to use Netflix as that is a drain. I was really bummed about that. The dealer was pretty up front about what I can't do, which made me feel like "so what good is it"? But I have experienced Hughesnet and wasn't told as much bad things by their people, and I had to find out on my own. I didn't think the dealer was too happy with Exede, but I realize he was being honest. He was more a tech guy than a salesman, and now I can appreciate that. It seems that a local dealer was my best bet because the 800 number people had nothing but "glory to the world" in their sales pitch. I can't get the "unlimited package" (which has a limit) so I really don't have a choice. Verizon didn't reach here and friends told me they are intermittent and going over your limit was very expensive. I'd sure like more data for the money.

I didn't like that they only give a 90 day install warranty, but I watched the installer from the local dealer and he seemed concerned to install it properly. (As if I'd know what to judge by.) He said he felt it was imperative to keep his business going by referrals of good service. That makes sense. I think Exede could be better, but I could not deal with Hughesnet anymore. From what I have read, I am glad I called the dealer nearest to me. But they don't have that many dealers, no "nearest" wasn't really near. I did have to pay a trip charge, but I am getting used to that being so far off the beaten path. People don't like driving down 17 miles of dirt road after 50 miles down the highway in Arizona. The trip charge was less than having a load of hay or lumber delivered. But I love the country and hate the city.

If someone is praising the service they offer, be suspicious. If they are willing to tell you the bad things, I believe they are just being straight with you. It's not great, just a better choice. Beware of 800 numbers as you don't know where they are at and they just don't give a care except for the sale. That's my two cents worth.

Reason of review: The dealer being straight with me..

I liked: Available in rural areas.

I didn't like: Data limit.

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