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I had to signup for satellite internet because my area was at the end of line and the service providers haven't performed updates in years. As a web designer, the user experience onboarding and gaining access to an account is poor at best. I had to call tech support to access my billing since their 'username, lost password' wasn't working. Without speaking to anyone, I was hung up on multiple times. It seemed like their call center was overwhelmed and they didn't have the infrastructure or customer service reps to handle the influx. When I did speak to someone, they were extremely unfriendly and more importantly, unprofessional. I experienced the worst customer service in my entire life. No joke.

Finally, the cable company redid the lines and I received an offer in the mail for $60 for 100mbps download speed. Excede charges $60 for 12mpbs and a 12gbdata cap. For you untech people, here's an analogy. It's like paying for a car but getting horse and buggy that is limited to a 12mile radius. The car you drive at 100mphs and as far as you want without an extra charge.

I called three days early to cancel my service so I wouldn't get charged for another month. My internet was terminated shortly after the call. When I called to restore the service for the remaining days, they refused unless I signed another 2 year contract despite the fact the service rep terminated earl, I had paid till the end of the month, and was already being charged for early termination fees. There are no words to describe this from a ethical business standpoint or from a customer service end.

Be warned. You're paying a high tier price for 12mpbs ( equivalent to dialup ) for a data cap and poor service. Anything outside basic email, the service is worthless.

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What do ethics have to do with this? You signed a 24 month contract then called in to cancel your services?

You did not expect them to cancel them when you asked them to? Are you serious right now?

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